Organic Gold Black Dirt
7299 Hill Rd. Virginia, MN 55792
Call 218-741-0174

Dirt Lady

The Dirt Lady Gardens Greenhouse & Treasures

Love gardens, flowers, and whimisical fun? Visit the Dirt Lady located in northeastern Minnesota. We are on a 100+ year old homestead. The Coffee is always on!

We offer unique:

  • Personalized Service
  • Perennials
  • Annuals
  • Herbs
  • Shrubs/Trees
  •  Vegetables
  • Containers planted (We will plan flowers)
  • Gardens planted
  • Garden maintenance (maintained seasons/weekly)
  • Special orders/requests
  • Organic Gold Black Dirt
  • Garden art
  • Gift shop
  • Local artists’ work
  • Custom planting

Stop in for a cup of coffee. We look forward to visiting with you and helping you with your gardening needs.

Happy gardening, The Dirt Lady

Minnesota Department of Agricultural Nursery Certified

Located from Virginia, Minnesota

12 Miles NE of Virginia on Hwy 169 northeast then 1 1/2 miles west to 7299 Hill Road. 218-741-0174

The Dirt Lady

If you are travelling down Hwy 169,
Turn at the sign and meet a new friend of mine,
The Dirt Lady is waiting to greet you and smile,
Sit back, relax, and stay for a while,
There’s an abundance of black gold covering the ground,
There are lovely gardens and antique treasures to be found,
Family- owned and operated, this picturesque store,
Unique gifts from local artist, need I say more,
In the greenhouse gift shop, it’s whimsical, you’ll see,
Come along and take this adventure with me,
The “black gold” they harvest comes from nearby Fawn Lake,
It is rich, organic soil, nothing artificial or fake,
“Let’s get dirty” is the motto they highly esteem,
They wear the dirt proudly; it’s a plant-grower’s dream,
Lush, green and rich-colored flowers emerge from their “dirt”,
And they dig it themselves, as evidenced by Vic’s dirty shirt,
Let’s not forget their remarkable antique shop,
Named in memory of Emil Abramson, Michelle’s Grandpop,
It is housed in a Finnish log barn, built in 1904,
Gyppo Antiques is the name of the store,
Go there and visit, it is a delight,
And don’t say “maybe” or “someday I might”,
If you are travelling down Hwy 169,
Turn at the sign and meet a new friend of mine,

-Tammy Harvey